Dear Editor:

It’s wonderful that people are taking an interest in how our school teachers are being educated and trained. Certificates and degrees are proof of their learning, providing they have the interest of the students and the student’s parents in mind.

Let’s remember a very dynamic and powerful man by the name of Adolf Hitler, who worked with and trained the youth of Germany to help him carry out his plans.

Another was a man with the name of Joseph Stalin, who did the same thing.

In our own day Communist China is doing the same thing.

The end results of all our education lies in the hands of the parents of our students. The parents of all our students should be able to review the textbooks and materials that are being taught.

What is happening is Scottsdale, AZ., is a good example of what can happen. A satanic group is demanding equal time, as does Christian schools and public schools. This can be checked out on Fox News.

I am an older man (been there done that). Our U.S. House of Representatives and the U. S. Senate are full of educated men and women. Think about what is happening.

My wife tells me it’s none of my business what goes on in our schools. I think not. We should support the good, and oppose the bad.

Thank you.

John Gilliam,


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