Dear Editor:

I totally agree with the recent article, JUST WEAR THE MASK! I know there are many people who adhere to proper protection to avoid getting the virus, however I see more people in our community shunning mandatory masking because of a misguided fragile masculinity or because they just don’t give a damn about other people.

This tells me that the majority of people in our small town don’t care to protect themselves from the deadly contagious virus and they don’t care if they pass it to their neighbor! In only nine months our county went from five cases to 800 currently. If we don’t get our act together, our community will be devastated. There’s a new strain of the virus that is even more contagious! And in almost a year, with the whole world trying to get a handle on the pandemic, experts offering advice at every turn, not one leader in our community has offered any leadership!

Hospitals cannot handle all the covid patients and can’t care for people coming in with other emergencies. People have to wait in parking garages and hallways. The virus could kill you without ever infecting you.

People, this is no hoax, and if you think it is then you are as deadly to this community as the virus!


Tia Pomponio


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