Dear Editor:

Please help save our Joint School District #171 budget from getting slaughtered by almost 20%.

Right now our Politicians that we voted into office are going to be voting on a NEW way to split up the school budget money to all the Idaho school districts. In this new split, our school district will have almost 20% less while other school districts in Idaho are going up substantially. It is not looking fair for us. We need to write to the House and Senate to get these ELECTED politicians to stop this unfair dividing of our tax money.

If we do nothing, we lose more teachers, books, buses, maintenance, and more school buildings and the quality of education all suffers while some districts will benefit.

The only way for us to keep everything we have with this budget cut from Idaho State would be for the School District #171 to ask the voters of our county to make up that 20% by taxing us more with school levies and bonds that we will be voting on this year.

Addresses House

and Senate

Speaker of the House: Scott Bedke (R), District 27, (208) 332-1111,

Senate Secretary: LeAnn Mohr, (208) 332-1321,


Educations Secretary: Erica McGinnis, (208) 332-1148,; Chair: Lance W. Clow; Vice Chair, Ryan Kerby; Chair: Dean M. Mortimer; Vice Chair, Steven P. Thayn.

Pam Emigh


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