Dear Editor:

The other day, I ventured out of my house, when I noticed the sign on a window in town calling Covid 19 BS and encouraging people to not wear masks, not wear face shields or gloves. It kinda threw me off guard because anyone who reads the paper or listens to the medical community, would know that wearing a mask is part of the solution to stop the spread of this horrible virus.

Don’t you know that over half a million people have died from this? Where is your common sense? And if you don’t have any of that how would you feel if you were a carrier and didn’t know it and spread it to your family, friends and people around you and somebody died or became very ill? Just because you don’t want to wear a mask.

In Clearwater County we went for four months without a case of Covid 19. We now have had six and though that doesn’t seem like a lot, ONE IS TOO MANY! In states where people are following what your sign says the numbers are increasing by 10,000 a day! In California and Florida, their hospitals are filling up and overflowing.

Look it up. Look at the pictures of the caskets lined up of people who have died, and do some research, like reading the letters in the Clearwater Tribune from Jake Foster, P.A.-C and Dominic Pomponio, RN CFRN, and following the recommendations of the medical community.

Wake Up People. It’s just a mask and think how many lives you can save by wearing one, and you just might be saving your own.

Deanne Dawson


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