Dear Editor:

This November, Idahoans will vote “yes” or “no” on whether our state should expand Obamacare through Proposition 2.

The biggest problem of all is that your taxpayer money will be taken to help pay for expanded Obamacare instead of going to our schools and repairing our roads. Not good.

I receive more calls and messages from people in District 7 who are angry with our schools not being adequately funded and our roads not being repaired quickly enough. Not once have I received a phone call from someone in “the gap” who can’t afford healthcare. That is why I have not supported Medicaid expansion as a legislator.

Idaho’s Medicaid program already covers children in low-income families. It already covers people with disabilities. It already covers pregnant women living in poverty. Healthcare coverage for the needy and vulnerable is not up for debate.

What is up for debate is free Obamacare coverage for those who don’t need it as much described in the proposition as “certain individuals”: healthy (not disabled), working age (not elderly), and mostly childless adults.

The potential new Obamacare enrollees already have options available for obtaining affordable insurance. Obamacare already offers subsidies that make health insurance incredibly affordable. Comprehensive insurance plans are available to individuals through the state-run exchange, Your Health Idaho, for as little as $11 dollars per month, with no deductible.

I think that people should have safety nets. And I think they should have access to affordable health insurance. But expanding Obamacare would primarily offer free healthcare to those who can acquire it for themselves.

Do you want better schools and roads, or do you want to pay for other people’s healthcare? Now the choice is yours: government healthcare for some or infrastructure that serves everyone. Eventually you may be paying for both. Please vote NO on prop 2 on Nov. 6.

Representative Priscilla Giddings

White Bird

District 7A

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