Dear Editor:

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Chris Goetz since he started working for the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office as the Weippe Resident Deputy 22 years ago.

Chris was well liked by county residents and worked his way up through the ranks of the Sheriff’s Office serving as a Corporal, Sergeant and Chief Deputy before being elected as the Clearwater County Sheriff.

When Chris was elected, I had the great honor to serve as his Chief Deputy until my retirement in 2018. Chris handled the office with the thoughts of betterment for residents of Clearwater County and his staff. He built a new and improved Emergency Dispatch Center with E911 so response times in an emergency would be shortened and lives saved.

I got to see Sheriff Goetz handle many emergency situations with leadership second to none! One example was the fires of 2015. Sheriff Goetz is a strong supporter of the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue and has been able to get much needed equipment for that organization.

Sheriff Goetz is the only person running for this position that is certified through Idaho’s Peace Officers Standards and Training!

Goetz is also a volunteer in several Clearwater County organizations including the Weippe Rodeo Board, Sunnyside Fire Department and a 4H Leader.

I could go on and on with strengths that Sheriff Goetz has.

A vote for Goetz is a vote for Clearwater County and its residents!

Rick Miller


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