Dear Editor,

It warms my heart to see the party of kindness, unity, inclusion, and forgiveness in action as they continue with impeachment and other actions to further beat down President Trump and his 75+ million supporters. Thanks.

Lucky Brandt


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Dear Mr Brandt

1) I'm glad you at least acknowledge Trump lost;

2) Trump only got 74,224,501 so not 75 million-he lost by 7,060,277 votes- so that matters- elections have consequences;

3) Trumpism encouraged anti-democratic treason against our duly elected representatives and the Constitution of the United States. Violent insurrection that caused deaths were encouraged and permitted under Trump which is arguably impeachable;

4) Unity does not mean not holding people accountable for their actions or that the losers get a pony and a veto on the Majority; and

5) Go look at the "I love Liberal Tears" and the "F*** Your Feeling" T-shirts Trump supporters routinely wear and celebrate- so unifying!


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