Dear Editor:

On Oct. 11, 2018 an article was published by Jennifer Bruns. Her article uses terms that need to be clarified because it completely changes the “slant” of the article. She states that whitetail season for Unit 10A was shortened by the F&G Commissioners because “some” hunters were unhappy about the decline of mature whitetail bucks being seen in the field.

At a public F&G meeting (March 22, 2018), it was entered into record that in fact 4,379 people were protesting the extremely long seasons on deer! It should be noted that protests have significantly increased since March (over 12,000). Another word used that “slants” the article is calling the end of season date (December 1 as “traditional”. The Commission only extended the season to 53 days in 2008. The “traditional” date had been Nov. 3 for a very long period of time until 1985. They have been changing the ending date ever since this time.

The article also indicates that F&G has data that shows no decline in mature bucks. This data is actually their practice of counting points on antlers and assuming anything with four or five points is mature. This leads to extremely misleading data because no age class for bucks is collected. Any hunter can tell you that a two year old buck can have four or five points and in no way is a mature animal.

Northern Idaho Whitetails Forever is an organization that remains committed to challenging F&G Big Game Management for the good of all Idahoans.

William Samuels


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