Dear Editor:

I believe we can all agree that trust in our Elected officials is at an all-time low. Personally, I have virtually no trust in our federal election process after the 2020 debacle.

The integrity of our state and local elections is of the highest priority, now more than ever! It is our responsibility to ensure that they remain untainted by what is happening on a national scale. It is for this reason that I believe that Helen Clark should be in charge of our local election process. Helen knows Clearwater County, and its residents as well or better than anyone I can think. Who better to spot an “irregularity” that might otherwise go unnoticed on the voter rolls, than she?

Twenty-five years ago, I trusted Helen with my most precious possession (my daughter Mariah) and I never once had cause to regret that decision in the year that Mariah was in Headstart, nor in any of the years since. And I will gladly trust her with my vote and feel confident in the integrity of our elections with Helen in charge!

Shirley Harper


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