Dear Editor:

This letter is in reference to James Garrison who is running for the position of Sheriff of Clearwater County. I would like to give you some background about James as I have known him for over 20 years as I worked with him in Lewiston, Idaho at the Juvenile Corrections Center.

In working together I found James was a great partner to work with as there were many situations that came up in dealing with juveniles and I always knew he had my back no questions asked when there was a situation in dealing with troubled youth.

He had a way of de-escalating a situation and was very knowledgeable in what his job responsibilities consisted of. I found James to be fair and honest and a good listener and open to discussions about ways to make things better for the juveniles and our jobs.

James was a hard worker and had a good repor with coworkers, management, and the juveniles. He was not afraid to make tough decisions when necessary. He took his job seriously. I would not hesitate to recommend him for the position of Sheriff of Clearwater County. He would be an asset to the citizens in the community.

I would like to give you a little bit of background on me just so you know who I am. I was born and raised in Kooskia and moved after I became 18. I married a local man and ended up in Alaska and I worked in security for oil refineries of Unical Chemicals and Philips Petroleum and various other security jobs there.

I then went to Lewiston and worked for Juvenile Corrections Center as I mentioned above and prior to that I worked at the Northwest Children’s Home in Lewiston, Idaho working with troubled youth.

After Juvenile Corrections Center, where I worked with James, my husband and I bought a franchise named Daylight Donuts located on Thain Road.

After Daylight Donuts we moved to where we are now to take care of my husband’s elderly parents and I retired from Law Enforcement here in Minnesota.

Laura Shetler


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