Dear Editor,

I am Mrs. James Garrison. First, I am tired of rumors, gossip and lies from people that have spread and told untruths about my husband and myself. These people that spread these things should be ashamed that they did this to us. These people are trying to destroy my husband’s good reputation and lifetime career. Second, my husband is a very good person and a great law enforcement man.

We had an incident happen at our hunting camp and the deputies came when we were asleep and they threatened us with tear gas if we did not come out of our camper. My husband opened the door and the deputies arrested him. I was very scared when the deputies entered our camper and began to question me. They could not understand me because my English is not so good and I do not understand English sometimes. There was not an interpreter provided.

I want everyone to know that my husband did not physically abuse me. He is definitely not a “wife beater”, as some people are saying. I am a very private person and the rumors, lies and false reports have caused my husband and me a lot of stress.

I believe my husband would make a wonderful sheriff for our county. My husband has dedicated his whole career protecting people involved in domestic violence.

Thank you,

Laura Garrison


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