Dear Editor:

Yes, Joe Biden and the Democrats have promised an open border for anyone who wishes to cross into the United States, even if they are children without parents, Covid-19 carriers, human traffickers, murderous gang members, drug mules, or just plain criminals.

They are crossing our Southern Border right now by the tens of thousands every month.

The U.S. border patrol, the Texas Rangers, the Sheriff Departments, and the local Police along the border are greatly overwhelmed by the influx of the illegals.

Are the democratic leaders of our nation the least bit concerned? Absolutely not! They have been planning this for years. Their plan is to bring up to twenty million souls across the border, give them asylum, free health care, free housing and citizenship, so they can vote Democratic, just as quickly as they can.

Every time they see a news report on the number of people crossing the border, a big smile comes on their faces. We deplorables are very much concerned, but as I said at first, as for the Democrats, there is absolutely no crisis at our Southern Border.

Alvin E. Lambright


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