Dear Editor:

On April 24, Deputy Attorney General Paul Panther sent a letter to the Idaho County Attorney complaining that this county had failed to adopt a comprehensive zoning plan & ordinance to comply with Idaho statutes.

Idaho County has several comprehensive plans, addressing various subjects, such as fire mitigation, emergency services, etc.

These existing plans address specific needs of the people of the county.  A blanket zoning plan is what, once again, the state is seeking.

In 1997, FEMA leaned on our county to adopt a zoning plan, in compliance with FEMA mandates.  Our commissioners, at that time, promptly rolled over and passed Ordinance No. 36.  We have had zoning since 1997, although it has not been enforced.

A referendum petition was circulated, garnering approximately 2/3 of the validated signatures of county registered voters, demanding repeal of this ordinance.  Our county clerk at the time, refused to hold a special election, as mandated by state statutes, and was backed up by the state attorney general.  Both of these individuals were in violation of Idaho Code, which mandated that the clerk SHALL hold such an election upon validation of enough signatures.  I’d wager that the majority sentiment in the county, still rejects zoning.  Especially, zoning imposed by state/federal mandate.

A look at the list of previous Idaho County ordinances will show that the zoning issue has re-surfaced several times, and was rejected by the people.  Once again, it rears its ugly head.  Our commissioners are in favor of personal property rights and are fighting to preserve them.  They will need our support, I’m sure.

Good government originates from the bottom up.  Of late, we have evolved into government by federal & state mandates, and fiat edicts.  This only represents special interests in gaining control over the populace, and should not be accepted.

Kudos, and a big “Atta Boy!” to our commissioners for their stance on this.

Dick Lawson


Be without fear in the face of your enemies.

Stand brave and upright, that the Lord may love thee.

Speak the truth always, even if it means your death.

Protect the helpless and do no wrong.

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