Dear Editor:

I rise to the occasion of ‘SHAMING’ the (fifty-one) Idaho Republicans who adopted the Texas-styled abortion measure called “Heartbeat Bill” and Governor Brad Little for signing it.

As Tom Hanks stated in his famous movie, (Forest Gump) “My mama told me”, my mother, Marie Alice Pritchard Snyder-Sterling, a former resident of Weippe, Idaho at Three-mile Road farm (where I was born), also a farm on Green Road in the Fraser area, and Lewiston for many years, who now rests in peace at the Fraser, Idaho Cemetery, would turn over in her grave if she read the March 15 article in the Seattle Times about the Idaho abortion measure. She certainly would disown her Republican records, which takes away the rights of women to make decisions regarding their health.

The Texas/Idaho bill, along with additional states is in direct violation of the United States Constitution regarding the Roe-Wade decision. My momma, Marie, always told me that women should protect their rights/bodies and I’m certain she would sue the 50 Idaho Republicans and Governor Little for their recent decisions, should she still be living.


Dr. Milton Lee

Pritchard Snyder

Seattle, WA

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