Dear Editor:

There is an unprecedented amount of newspaper space and media time dedicated to pushing a singular health narrative. That is, our only hope is if everyone gets “vaccinated” for COVID. This seemingly unanimous plea is being repeated, ad nausium, based on several false premises. Among these are that masks prevent the spread of COVID, the COVID “vaccine” will stop COVID and protect others, there are no other ways to prevent getting COVID and the hospitals are filling up with unvaccinated COVID patients. I will address the falsity of each of these and challenge any doctor, nurse, health administrator or politician to prove otherwise.

On masks, OSHA’s website states that masks “will not protect the wearer against airborne transmissible infectious agents.” Many studies have shown that mask wearing is unhealthy. Rebreathing our exhaust lowers blood oxygen levels, which is dangerous. Reusing masks, moisture retention and bacteria buildup increase risk of infection.

According to Dr. Fleming (, the studies cited in the EUA applications (available on his site) for Moderna and Pfizer nMRA vaccines show no statistical difference in outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated. In other words, the “vaccines” do not prevent infection. Neither do they prevent transmission (spreading the virus to others). They were only designed to lessen the symptoms after infection.

Most of the so called “unvaccinated” COVID patients have actually been vaccinated. What? Look at how the CDC is defining “unvaccinated.” A 9/15/21 news article on points out that the CDC says you are not fully vaccinated until 14 days of 2nd injection of Pfizer or Moderna , or 14 days after the single Janssen shot. So, anyone who dies or contracts COVID within those 14 days is counted as unvaccinated! Since the vast majority of deaths from these shots happen within the first two weeks, this not only covers up the dangers of the shots but conveniently labels unvaccinated persons as the cause of all the suffering and death.

The real problem is everyone blindly repeating this false narrative.

Jay Maxner


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