Dear Editor:

The thunder and lightning storm of Wednesday morning, July 7, 2021, started two fires on Canyon Creek Road.

One fire was right on the road on my sister’s place. One fire was inside our place up on the edge of the field. Both fires were burning at the base of big pines near other standing timber and dry grass.

The neighbors, Dee Crane, Pete Winner, and Tam White, saw the storm, heard the strikes, and responded immediately. Firefighters Pete, Dee Steadman, Tam and Shelby White, Steve Dick, and Mike Hedrick put out the fire near the road. A couple who had been camping stopped and threw water on the fire from their cooler. Tam brought a Twin Ridge RFD truck with water.

Then smoke was reported coming off the top, and they went to look for the second fire.

The crew moved up to the fields and another Twin Ridge truck joined their forces with Chief Glenn Crockett and volunteers Bill Bennett and Ed McCormick. Howard Bird brought a 2,000-gallon water tender for backup.

The second fire was a little less than a tenth of an acre. The Twin Ridge volunteers were on it with trenching and soaking. Tam looked the whole place over to make sure no other fire was missed, and new neighbor, Corey Medley, arrived with more help if needed.

Thank you to each person who responded and any other whose name I do not know.

You saved our places, the woods and fields, and the neighborhood. Through your quick action, skills, willingness to step up, and knowledge of fire behavior, you stopped the fires.

By the time we heard about it, it was all said and done. In a positive manner.

We can’t thank you enough.

John and Sandra Goffinet

Orofino, Idaho

Rob and Pat Pabst

Camas, Washington

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