Dear Editor:

On Sept. 7 we smelled strong smoke at our home just off the Havelock Grade, followed by a phone call from the Clearwater County Sheriff’s office telling us to evacuate immediately that a wildfire was headed our way propelled by a terrifically strong wind. We lost our home, shop and everything in them.  We got out with our two dogs, my purse, our pills, and our pickup.  

Our daughter Heidi, who lived in our basement apartment, was away on a trip. She also lost everything except her suitcase and her laptop. 

Thanks to our Dear Lord no lives were lost.

We later rescued two of our cats.

A special thanks to friends Bill and Nanette Neider who took us in that evening, and helped us mentally recover for several days.

Thanks to our children Darren and Heidi Summers who have given us love and support every day, and our other two boys, Brian, Scott and families, who came over from the coast to support us and helped rake, move and sift through the rubble of 60 years, looking for anything salvageable, of which there was very little.

Thanks to all the local organizations, businesses, churches and people who offered donations, clothing, help, prayers, and love. We can’t thank you enough and are greatly humbled by your kindness.

Life has been quite busy this past month!

Soon, we will be moving from the Konkolville Motel to a Lewiston Sr. Manufactured home court to start over. Ironically, we came to this area from Lewiston 60 years ago to begin our wonderful married life on a Teakean area farm, moving to the Cavendish Grade area to live, and Orofino for work, as the years went by.

Lynn and Judy Summers


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