Dear Editor:

Just wondering why the 10 person rule isn’t being enforced? A church on Riverside is still having church. Then they leave church and stop at the gas station and the grocery store. They know what they are doing is wrong for the community. They don’t park out front anymore but in the back to hide. They also broadcast so why do they need to push the problem?

Sunday the music was so loud I could hear it inside my house a block away. I walked the block, whistled to get attention to turn it down. Some people work nights, others are old. When they can finally find sleep it is ruined. How uncaring for anyone but themselves. After an officer drove by they turned it back up.

I was taught you go to hell for lying, same as stealing, lying to yourself that you are not hurting others is pretty sad.  Spreading this horrible disease to others by meeting as they are doing is pathetic. Last I heard God was everywhere, not just in church. So stay home and listen to your broadcast and conference call your prayers.

Linda Burgess


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