Dear Editor:

I recently had the opportunity to help a friend who is fighting cancer. He was experiencing bleeding and pain and needed a ride to the E.R. After a lengthy, invasive, examination he was given a prescription for strong pain-killers and released. He looked close to death but we still had to drive to Kamiah to pick up his medicine before he could return home.

Anybody who has ever been in this situation or witnessed a loved one suffering through it can understand my friend’s assessment: “I’ll never set foot in that #*^##! (big name chain store) in Orofino again.”

Health care providers typically coordinate their vacations, retirement, etc. to lessen the impact and, most important, the suffering of individuals. In past years we had two pharmacies in town. There were, at times, only the two pharmacists and, even though they were fierce competitors, they worked together to ensure prescriptions were available.

Even veterinarians have enough regard for the animals they care for that they often miss out on or delay much in life, including retirement, in order to ease the impact on pet and livestock owners. (We love you to death, Dr. Wolverton.)

How did we get from years and years of excellent pharmaceutical service to a hit and miss operation that apparently lacks consideration for the community and its most vulnerable citizens?

And there’s the bigger question; When did it become acceptable to screw your brother over just as long as you are making money?  Say howdy to corporate America, folks.

Ron Hanes


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