Dear Editor:

So Uncle Joe, the other lefties, and their media keep us focused on the Ukraine border while our own southern border with unvetted thousands pouring through daily is completely ignored. Smoke screen?

The media speaks of higher prices as inflation when in fact that is the RESULT of inflation. The inflation took place months ago when all the “free” Covid money was dumped into the economy. All our money whether in the bank, in our pockets, or buried in the back yard has been diluted. That is inflation. (Look it up in any OLD dictionary).

Lucky Brandt


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Keynesian Economics shows some validity to your points but, first the COVID money was first given under the Trump administration - higher Unemployment Benefits and the payments of $600 and $1200 were before the election.

Under Keynes this would cause some inflation, but also prevent a recession or depression which would be worse. As it stands we have seen record Job growth, and wage increases since the election. Since Inflation is a Supply and demand issue there is no doubt that the scarcity and supply chain issues caused by the World Economy shutting down for 1/2 a year to a year created an inflationary environment as well as giving better wages to attract workers, but the biggest hit now is Energy prices and due to Putin's war of choice in Ukraine. I for one will spend more to see Putin lose, seems patriotic to me.

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