Rodgers family fire

To the Editor:

On Aug. 1 early in the morning, a resident of Peck contacted the Clearwater County Sherriff’s Department to report a fire they observed on Old Peck Grade across the river. A deputy was dispatched and woke us in our residence soon after. He directed us to evacuate the area and we complied. Our sincere thanks to whomever made that call.

The fire was on our property, approximately 60’ from our RV and shop. Sunnyside Volunteer Fire Department and Clearwater-Potlatch Timber Protective Association (CTPA) firefighters were on the scene fast; before we even had time to slip on some shoes, load the dogs, and leave. Within a few hours, they had the fire out. CTPA left a crew to monitor over the next several days.

A couple of years ago, our neighbors lost their home to a fire.While that was tragic, that fire did not harm anyone, destroy any other structures, or grow out of control. Why? Because our local paid and volunteer fire fighters jumped on the fire and attacked it quickly while it was relatively small. They brought every available resource and aggressively stopped the fire before it was too late.

When an emergency strikes in Clearwater County, these men and women set aside their daily lives to lend a hand. They do so in the spirit of community. They say goodbye to their families, donate time, leave work undone, and risk their own safety to help their neighbors. When the call comes, they answer, every time.

We wanted to thank our firefighters, law enforcement officials, and other emergency personnel for all they do. Their work is often thankless, and even unappreciated. Some are paid to risk their lives, but many are not. They get up at all hours, put on their gear, and head to danger because they care about all of us. In talking with them, I have found them to be friendly, hardworking, respectful, humble, and serious about their work.

The next time your volunteer fire department or other emergency services organization has a fundraiser, give generously if you can. I know we will. After all, these local heroes give generously every time the call goes out.

With our sincere thanks,

The Rodgers family

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