Dear Editor:

Here I sit a few days before our bi-annual time change, wondering why we, as a nation, can’t fix something that doesn’t make sense anymore. 

It’s been a while since I last corresponded on this subject, as I was becoming known as a zealot and extremist, and I wasn’t getting much help from our Congressmen’s staff anyway. It seems that our politicians don’t want to tackle this issue since it’s non-partisan, but effects everyone in the country. When broached with the topic they smile and pooh-pooh and roll their eyes.

But lookie here – a whole bunch of states and folks all over the nation are realizing the insanity of it all.  Lawmakers are witnessing the public health implications, both physiological and psychological, including increased heart attacks, suicides, traffic accidents and lower productivity at work and school. 

Follow the money, and retailers and golfers are the biggest beneficiaries and advocates for permanent DST, since it allows more time to shop and play after work. School children are the most detrimentally affected by permanent DST in the winter since it stays dark so late. 

Researchers on human biological rhythms come down squarely on the side of Standard Time referred to as “God’s Time” by the first objectors when we switched during the world wars. I can actually argue against every reason to remain on permanent Daylight-Saving Time.

But you know, I really don’t care which we stay on. I just want to Set It and Forget It. 

Dennis Fuller


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