Dear Editor:

Each week it is reassuring to read a number of true American-spirit opinion letters published in our local papers. For that, we are forever grateful....and encouraged.

I’ve expressed the following publicly before, but maybe it bears repeating, since even Idaho’s chief executive appears not to be too clear about it.

Thus, perhaps a comment or two, intended for him, is in order.

In our American, republican form of government, legislatures are the proper law-making body. A state executive head does not have that power.

What’s more, if remaining true to its constitutional limitations, even legislative law does not and cannot compel performance of any kind. Performance or non-performance remains the prerogative of each sovereign citizen, albeit with one incumbent obligation: respect for the equal rights of every other.

So much for any covid-related dictates coming from the governor (et al) over these past 10 months! We the people, each and all, are quite capable of making our own responsible decisions and choices, thank you!

Carol Asher


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