Dear Editor:

I support the re-election of Charity Robinson for Zone 5 which is Riverside, Chases Flats, upper Gilbert Grade, and Canada Hill.

I support Russell Norland for Zone 4 which is above Orofino, across the Reservoir, to Teakean, Cavendish, Ahsahka, and Peck.

These two candidates are not “running together”. They are simply the best qualified in my eyes.

I want school trustees who support public education and bring skills to the board.

I’ve seen Robinson serving this community as a doctor and as a board member. I saw Norland at the Candidate’s Forum last week. Robinson was out of town at medical training last week.

Charity Robinson has shown nothing but professionalism in her medical work here. She has skillfully attended to thousands of patients in this county. This is relevant. As a board member, she respects the rules and has worked hard to protect students and staff during this pandemic.

I asked her what motivated her to serve on the board and heard the warmth and sincerity in her voice as she said, “Children are our priority. The students come first.”

In Russell Norland, I saw integrity and humility. At the forum, Norland had more to say with fewer words. His sign was terrific.

Norland was the only candidate at the forum who used humor effectively and naturally. He relaxed the circumstances.

I learned that Russell is Ronald and Rhonda Norland’s son. He grew up with a teacher whose students were “her kids”. He respects teachers and others.

Norland will bring “continuous improvement” ideals of accountability, fairness, and safety to his work on the board. He will listen to the parents of Zone 4 in a friendly manner.

Norland spoke quietly and humbly of the need for respect as we work together. He said, “We are all equal in the eyes of God”. It was the real thing.

Please, vote for Robinson Zone 5 and Norland Zone 4.

Thank you,

Sandra Goffinet


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