Dear Editor:

Sometimes we feel like people are pulling away from each other, but last week showed us how when needed people can work well together.

There was a lot of high water last week, overflowing banks and clogged up culverts. 

Riverside of Orofino had its share of flooding. Like our neighbors, we had run-off coming down the street and on both sides of our house.  After a few phone calls and some visits from the Mayor, Riverside Water District, city employees, people went into action to secure banks, clear the culvert and place sand bags when and where needed. 

Our thanks goes out to Mayor Ryan Smathers for his quick action, E. J. Bonner and other Riverside Water District employees, Shane Miller and other city employees, and a Red Shirt work crew from the state prison.  We also want to thank Commissioner Ryan for taking the time to call and check on the situation.

Mike and Linda Chamberlin


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