Dear Editor:

I think important issues effecting us all, should be brought up to be voted on by the public.

The new “public square” set up, is on the wrong side of Johnson Ave. Johnson Ave and Main St have too much traffic flowing through, and we need those connecting streets; they are main arteries in our town.  For instance the Bank should not have a clogged street by it.   

If we just move the square across Johnson Ave to be located by the ice cream shop instead it would not be such a problem.  Still a little inconvenient sometimes, but not like now.  Temporary for fair times and special occasions is one thing, but not permanent. We need to let the City council know how we feel.  

However my personal opinion on a public Square blocking any street in Orofino is unnecessary. We are too small. We have the Public Park just a couple blocks away.  We could put more tables there if we want.  Maybe add some benches to sit on along the town’s sidewalks. 

Let’s give this a little more thought and open it up for more people to speak out. Orofino is a small town, with a small town feel.  It is why most people live here.  If we wanted a big city feel we would move to a city.

Let’s Keep Orofino special.

Before Downtown Lewiston started “Beautifying Main Street”, there was a lot of shoppers walking the streets.  When they replaced parking spaces for beautification, stores closed. We lost some great places to shop.  People don’t like disruptive changes. Orofino is an important “hub” for the whole county; and for small towns and people surrounding our town and county.

Let’s draw them in here.  Let’s not make navigating Orofino difficult; but let’s keep our streets open for a better flow of traffic; and keep our businesses thriving.  

We once tried a traffic light at Johnson Ave and Michigan; it didn’t work out.  It was removed.

Let’s get rid of this blockage of our street.

Contact the city council, let them know what you are thinking.  Keep it polite please. 

They want to know constructive and positive suggestions.   Thank you.

Gail Grasser


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