Dear Editor:

Sheryl Nuxoll and Representative Priscilla Giddings are lying to you!

There is NO reason Prop 2 (Medicaid expansion) has to take away from school and road funding! What it will do is reduce the burden on your county to pay for catastrophic care, utilize federal funds (from your tax dollars,) and keep people working and spending in your communities.

Without Prop 2 passing, Clearwater Valley and St. Mary’s Hospitals will likely close their doors within five years. If the hospitals close local economies and housing markets will free fall, your neighbors and family members will die from a lack of access to emergency care, and our towns will become ghost towns.

Medicaid in Idaho DOES NOT cover abortions!!!! Prop 2 will provide low cost coverage to 62,000 Idahoans, most of whom are working! Access to preventative care, set reimbursement rates for providers, and working productive adults improve the economy and stabilize our communities.

Nuxoll likes to quote the Bible when talking about leaving her fellow humans to die in the gutter. I’m pretty sure that’s NOT what Jesus would do. Caring for our fellow man and reducing overall healthcare costs is win-win.

If you’re thinking ‘why should I pay for someone else’s healthcare?’ You already do! Every time someone can’t go to a primary care provider and obtain $5 in antibiotics, resulting in a $10,000 pneumonia hospital stay.... you and your employer sponsored healthcare are paying for it! Preventative care = lower costs for us all and more money in our pockets and local economies.

Vote yes on Prop 2! Save your friends and neighbors, ensure your own access to care, strengthen our economy and save our hospitals!

Angela Pomponio


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