Dear Editor:

Your doctor’s article in the April 14 issue is not factual. You are printing propaganda that will harm people’s health. The doctor states there is no reason to suspect that risks increase for pregnant women? 100 miscarriages have been reported after the vaccine was taken (VAERS). Is that a risk that is acceptable? The doctor is withholding the VAERS stats! Quote: “We have not seen any problems in women who have received the vaccine so far both locally and nationally” 

That is factually incorrect. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was founded in 1990, with the aim to detecting safety issues with vaccines in the U.S. VAERS is managed by the CDC and FDA. *From Dec. 14, 2020, through April 12, 2021, there were 3,005 reports of people who had died after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. The adverse reactions are listed, by category, as well as the complete descriptions of each case. 

Read the report, before making an informed decision. Don’t believe everything printed by “doctors” Go to the source, the VAERS has unbiased data. 

Hazel Adams


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Respectfully your interpretation of the VAERS Data is flawed- as far as miscarriages goes, there are 750,000 to 1 million of them in the US every year, or more than 2,000 a day so it would be strange if no women getting the vaccine had miscarriage. The VAERS data is a tracking tool, but does not in itself assign a cause of the events it counts, it just gives information for epidemiologists to look for trends. This also explains the deaths : the vaccine was given to the oldest and most vulnerable populations early and while the vaccine protected them from the virus it couldn't prevent them from dying of heart disease, cancer or other natural causes. Ironically virus deniers have claimed that the Covid deaths are just deaths from other comorbidities, they would have died of anyway, your argument is the inverse of this regarding vaccines. If you want to see how VAERS has actually been helpful, look no further than the 6 cases of cerebral venous sinus caused in women between 18 to 48 that were identified and fully analyzed.

6 cases caused a pause in using that Vax's rollout so thousands of cases would not be ignored. The vaccines are safe and effective.


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