Dear Editor:

I’m not a politically sophisticated person, but I do have deeply rooted values.  I’ve been asked what, ‘does it mean that you are an Independent?’  So, I did some research on key issues that the parties tend to define their positions on and am sharing where my values (political ontology) lie:


  • Government should facilitate not hinder private enterprise
  • Regulations should be clear and purposed
  • Taxes and resulting budgets need to be responsible and accountable
  • Innovation & economic diversification are key to community sustainability

Social issues

  • Social support programs should be like trampolines; where when folks are hit by negatives out of their control, social systems in place can be used to bounce them back into meaningful employment not become a way of life.
  • Substance abuse is a threat to community wellbeing that should leverage outside resources to address.

National issues

  • Gun ownership – clearly we have a Constitutional “…right to bear arms”:
  • For Clearwater County, gun use provides for mine and many families’ sources of protein. 
  • Military – I’m a proud Army mom and wholeheartedly support providing our troops with what they need to do their job
  • Immigration should be managed:
  • For Clearwater County the relationship I’m aware of is for supporting the timber industry/forest mgmt. (tree planting, killing gophers, pre-commercial thinning)
  • Womens’ rights – I believe we as humans have the right and responsibility of self determination
  • LGBQ – I believe we need to be who we are but, don’t pull a ‘special’ card; as citizens, work, pay taxes and contribute positively
  • Healthcare is a huge challenge in our nation. I wish a solution could be built that enables every employer to offer health insurance; and that the costs of accessing care was not so out of reach.

Christina St Germaine


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