Dear Editor:

Last week two people in Clearwater County died from the disease. Of the fourteen Clearwater County residents who had died earlier from Covid, I knew three of them. These people were husbands and wives, parents, brothers, grandparents . . . beloved family members, friends.

These people still had things to do in their lives - cakes to bake, stories to tell, grandkids to honor, and hands to hold. We grieve their deaths.

If you’re unvaccinated, realize that it could be you or someone in your family next.

Covid case numbers are ramping up exponentially, with Delta leading the charge. The Delta variant is more contagious and more severe.

In Clearwater County, as of Aug. 20, 2021, 2806 people are vaccinated. Our population is around 8,673.

That’s a vaccination rate of about 32%, if you include all ages. It’s not good enough.

Reportedly, over 98.9 % of Idaho’s current hospitalized Covid patients are unvaccinated.

Kootenai Health Hospital in Coeur d’Alene is maxed out, loaded with unvaccinated Covid patients. Orofino patients with other needs have been flown as far as Montana and Idaho Falls after lengthy searches for available beds. The crisis continues and worsens.

Preventing hospitalizations and deaths from Covid is our collective moral responsibility, as neighbors. Love thy neighbor.

Get vaccinated. Take precautions. Help reduce disease and death.

We’re not getting out of this mess without a higher vaccination rate.


Sandra Goffinet


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Bless you and the poor unfortunates who have succumbed to this horrible scourge, we must all show our patriotism by banding together as Americans and Neighbors to protect each other. Get the Vaccine, wear a mask!

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