Dear Editor:

A few weeks ago, I wrote on these pages about the need to get politics and the government out of education entirely.  I think our children’s education is far too important to leave to bureaucrats and teacher’s union lackeys and it should return to the control of parents and our free enterprise system. 

Surrendering our schools to the government is a surrender to socialism. Most scholars agree that the essence of socialism is the closed loop of government control, while the essence of capitalism is free enterprise in the open marketplace. 

Capitalism is not a dirty word.  Capitalism has created our progressive, technologically successful nation that is the envy of the world.  A capitalist society must function on ideas, creativity, and a concern for the common good.  Totalitarianism, on the other hand, thrives on illiterate, distracted citizens and intellectually blunted conformists indoctrinated with globalist and humanist brain-salad. 

So why does a successful business society tolerate an openly socialistic and government-controlled Public Ed System?  First off, follow the tax money.  But for now, I think it’s time to let parents and students (young and old) become consumers of learning, instead of slaves to the dictates of bureaucrats. 

Just as there is no connection between church and state found in our US Constitution, neither is there any authority for our governments to have anything to do with Education.  We should institute a public policy to separate school and state too.  I further propose that no tax dollars should be expended for public education. 

Tax-supported public education is fiscally irresponsible and educationally harmful and I say let’s start over with a constitutional and free enterprise approach.  If we are striving to raise up generations of workers, achievers, taxpayers, patriots and citizens, then we need another type of system.  But if we are trying to produce as little as possible by a discontented, welfare-grabbing class of miscreants, then we should continue with the present Public Education bureaucracy which is, quite patently, a tool of a growing totalitarian state. 

More than ever our world needs thinkers and doers to wrestle with the problems of a complex, technological age; the last thing we need are more Climate Change warriors spouting Commie slogans. 

Dennis Fuller,


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