Dear Editor:

Our main voice in Washington is our vote. We elect Representatives from Idaho to work for us in Washington. One of their jobs (along with our state Reps) is to protect our constitutional rights.

I keep track of our representatives because I care about election integrity. On Jan. 6 the electoral votes were certified by congress despite claims (many in fact) of voter fraud in multiple states. The courts did not look at the evidence in most cases, dismissing the cases on “standing”, which means the party must show an “injury in fact” to their own legal interest.

Several Representatives felt it was important to investigate these claims even though it wouldn’t change the outcome of the election. They did it to restore Americans’ confidence in this and future elections.

I applaud their attempts to get to the truth.

Idaho has three Representatives, Congressman Fulcher, Senator Crapo and Senator Risch. Only Fulcher joined with the effort to investigate. Both our senators voted against it. Why? Are they just like the other politicians who sweep things under the rug and tell us “Move along nothing to see here”? And then nothing ever changes.

Please remember them come re-election time. I want all my Representatives to do all in their power to ensure the integrity of our election process and you should too, no matter who you vote for, or what party you belong too.

Julie Owen


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Dear Ms. Owens;

Respectfully, the quick answer to your question is that there is zero evidence of fraud that could affect the results of the election. This was stated by the Atty General, the head of Cyber-security and the States who certified and sent the results for action on the 1/6/20 Congressional Tabulation as confirmed by VP Mike Pence. Court after court ruled on this matter further and the few instances of fraud confirmed are by and large committed by Trump supporters who voted twice or used a dead mother's ballot.

I don't want my tax money wasted this way and apparently our US Senators agree.


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