Dear Editor:

Several recent press releases by Idaho Fish and Game have told us that Idaho may be experiencing some of the best big game hunting ever seen in the Clearwater Region. IDFG offers proof by quoting high kill statistics from the past several years. They assume this means that the whitetail deer herds (as well as other big game herds) are very healthy and can keep producing this kind of harvest.

Yet, IDFG offers no data to back up this claim or the effect this is having on all big game herds. At a public meeting held in Boise (March 22, 2018), the State biologist tried to use this same comparison. He was immediately cautioned by Jerry Myers (IDFG Commissioner) that you cannot assume the herds are increasing, and can maintain this level of harvest just because the data of animals killed is high. Obviously IDFG is not listening to this advice.

Dirk Durham


President, Northern Idaho Whitetails Forever

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