Dear Editor:

My husband, who has worked since he was able to, who was severely injured at work in 2011, has fought for six years to be granted social security, losing everything in the process. On this information that was requested by social security, to describe what he does and what I do for him, this was my does one describe the daily routine? Watching a loved one go from a vibrant, purpose filled being, to a lost soul, who’s dreams will never come true? Someone who has worked and subscribed to an idealogy of a sense of right and wrong that seemingly in his hour of need has been abandoned?

To watch as others benefit from a work ethic instilled by a father to son, how do you fix a broken and battered spirit? And body? Tell me cuz I need to know. There are no words of comfort that I can offer no reasonable explanation no rhyme or reason, I have been a silent witness for years not knowing how to help, and I find I am as lost as he.....

Marie Salsana


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