My Dear Clearwater Tribune friends:

You haven’t heard from me lately, because I broke my leg, both bones, just above the ankle, right leg.

And it “clipped my wings”.

I’ve been welcomed and shipped to the various homes of my nine children, and it has been a blessed continuing experience!

When I felt my leg “pop” as I was simply walking through my bedroom door, I definitely felt the Lord (in my inner spirit) saying, “Now I am taking over!”

Six days in the hospital followed by 13 weeks physical therapy-learning to walk again-with any sense of balance! Right now, I can take about three steps before reeling onto a daveno or chair. And I am at the home of my daughter, Darlyn and husband, Roger Lanier, at Cavendish. Full circle you might say!

The whole adventure has been a blessed and rewarding experience. I woke up after a surgery undertaken five days after the break, because the swelling needed to “go down”.

My children stood around me laughing in hysterics because a drugged mom was “so funny”. They won’t tell me what I said!

I had thought I was still “in charge” as the family matriarch!! Most of the P.T.’s at the clinic were young men, many earning money for college, so I would ask them what they had planned and “Can I pray for you?”

By the way, all of them had tattoos which I learned were very personal and meaningful. Rather an eye-opener in my narrow world.

Now I’m thinking of getting a tattoo in my nineties!!

Any ideas?

Violet Roetcisoender


(Ninety something)

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