Dear Editor:

I had an out of body experience and watched Nancy Pelosi speak before Congress. She banged her shoe on the podium and screamed obscenities. I thought, it was an L.S.D. flashback. Come to find out it was from vaping.

She stared at me with baleful eyes and I could read her mind. “After I take out Trump, you’re next.” Then I remembered what her daughter said, “mess with my mom and she will take you out.”

I panicked and found myself running with the lemmings and leaping off cliffs. I woke up on the bar room floor with people hovering over me. I thought, they were cherubim. The EMT’s arrived and wrapped my head with gauze and asked me “Do you want to go to the hospital?”

NO! I need a drink.

James Claffery

Orofino ID

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