Dear Editor:

I (actually my wife and I), just spent our last dollar in Moscow. I am quite certain the city economy will not be compromised.

We enjoyed our brief stay in Moscow tremendously. We experienced hospitality, comfortable accommodations, good services and more. The purpose of our visit was to watch our grandson (from Orofino) play tournament baseball, as well as mingle with family as we did just two short weeks ago in Moscow.

The tournament commenced on a picturesque Friday afternoon but abruptly ended Sunday morning by virtue of an edict issued by the Mayor and City council (the tournament was to conclude with the championship game Sunday evening). Ostensibly, the risk of contracting or spreading COVID became more acute after Saturday’s completion of play. Two weeks ago – not so much?

I presume the town fathers approved, or were aware of, no less than 200 youngsters, not to mention coaches, family members and spectators, descending on Moscow. What were they thinking? If there was anticipated risk to the public and participants, why even sanction this event at all? Folks travelled from various towns and locales, booked lodging, paid for meals, purchased groceries, patronized gas stations and so forth. Yet, after a full day and half of competition the collective genius of the city officials sent everyone packing. Just me – I would discourage any groups – sports, music, educational or otherwise from scheduling events in Moscow altogether. Or, better yet, the town fathers could simply issue a moratorium that would obviate a debacle such as this.

Lastly, as there was none of the customary trophy presentations, I would encourage the event organizers to box up the trophies and sent them to City Hall. I would be more than happy to cover the shipping costs.

Charles W Gamble,

St. Maries, Idaho

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