Dear Editor:

Just wanted to say to the people that think Covid is a joke, or at least think it’s nothing more than a cold or slight flu.

Yes, you are right in some cases if you’re lucky. But let me tell you my story. I was diagnosed with Covid on Nov. 15. I had a sore throat, but not a big deal, I thought.

Well, it can sneak up on you.

On Dec. 1, I was diagnosed with Covid pneumonia. This was no joke! Very, very sick! On lots of medication and lots of bed rest and now, on Dec. 14, I finally think I might make it! Long, long tough road!

Not telling this so you’ll feel sorry for me. I’m telling it so maybe, just maybe, one person, or maybe two, will start wearing masks.

I’ve been in Orofino, and at the start of this, the Edge, Ponderosa, IGA, a Pharmacy, Les Schwab and possibly others wear masks.

It is uncomfortable? Yes!! But maybe, just maybe, you’ll keep someone from getting Covid and dying.

And please don’t think of Covid as not a big deal, because, believe me when I say, “It is”.

So, please have your customers and your workers wear masks for people like me. Or your mother, or your friend, because before this is over, you’ll know someone that has been deathly sick, or has died. Definitely not a joke.

Dianne Marshall


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