Dear Editor:

In this digital age, controlling the information works better than bombs and bullets to transform a nation. A global government requires that all nations are basically the same in their governmental, financial, legal, medical and social systems. As multi-billionaire George Soros, who is funding much of the current rioting and destabilization of America, says, “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”

We have been divided and set against one another. While we’ve fought amongst ourselves, our adversary has been working on taking us down 24/7/365. Unless we stop and see that we all have a common enemy bent on all our destruction as a culture and society, we’re toast.

Now were divided between those who wear masks and those who don’t. Masks do not prevent viral infection, make a sick person sicker by recycling their exhaust (CO2), lower oxygen levels and increase CO2 levels, causing a fear response. Yet, government and corporations are requiring that we wear masks. WHY? Fearful mask wearers are more likely to be angry with non mask wearers. More division. It is also a sign of submission.

It gave me hope to read of Geneve’s (Clearwater Progress Aug. 13) quitting her USPO job and losing unemployment benefits rather than submit. I pray that more people will open their eyes to what is happening to us and also take a stand for freedom. Otherwise, what they have planned for us is going to make the current shut-down look like a picnic.

Jay Maxner


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Sorry Mr. Maxner, this is nonsense and dangerous nonsense at that. Masks help prevent the wearer from spraying aerosol droplets that can remain airborne and protect the people around you.

A World Government conspiracy is ridiculous- we are a world of competing Nation States that form alliances based on National priorities.

George Soros as the bogeyman is just not trying very hard- your Soros quote is a fake, please cite the source. Considering Sheldon Adelman, The Koch brothers and multiple far right billionaires it is laughable that old George could make any difference.

Please stop the nonsense and fear-mongering and let's discuss real issues we can solve like millions of Americans without Health Insurance during a pandemic and how we can work together to stop the virus spreading. These should not be controversial or left vs, right issues, but should be goals for all citizens.

God Bless America

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