Dear Editor:

I just finished reading a letter to the editor in the Lewiston Tribune and I’m so angry and somewhat baffled at the writer’s, and lots of other people’s attitudes.

Don’t you know that 2400 people are dying every day from Covid 19? And although a piece of cloth on your face might not completely stop the spread, the statistics show that it will slow it down. It doesn’t have one thing to do with freedom and liberty, politics or religion – this disease doesn’t care who it attacks! It’s about people working together to stamp out this terrible disease. Nobody should have to tell you to wear a mask – if you have any common sense or care about anyone, you would wear one. Possibly, if everyone, including the President, had followed the guidelines in the beginning, we might not be in the situation we’re in now.

Statistics show Clearwater County has an average of 20 positive cases per day, the highest ratio in the state, and over 700 since March, and five deaths, downtown in most stores, very few people (shoppers and employees) are wearing masks as though the pandemic doesn’t exist, or they just don’t care about themselves or their customers.

I know, people, it’s an inconvenience to wear a mask but isn’t it worth it if you can keep from getting sick, making other people sick, or causing someone to die? Think about it. And if you do wear a mask, thanks for caring about me.

Deanne Dawson


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Thank you for this, Dianne- you are right, we need to protect each other now as a duty.

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