Dear Editor,

Our hospital in Orofino is working as hard as possible to fight this covid thing but I have a question. Why are they not using Ivermectin to fight the covid?

I personally know four people that were cured by it. Two were in my own family.

I asked one doctor friend why he did not use it when he got covid. He said, “Because it is horse medicine.”

Another doctor friend that I have known for 45 years was very sad when I asked him. He said people are dying simply because of this attitude.

Anther friend in Arizona had been in the hospital for two months, barely hanging on.

Finally, one of the hospital staff gave him some Ivermectin. Within two days he was out of the hospital. He told me he is like a new man.

Please, let’s get our heads screwed back on and use some common sense.

John Gilliam


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Yes my doctor also Clearwater County said that he wouldn't give me any kind of therapeutic Sport and neither would the hospital they don't believe it works they they all take their advice from the CDC and they've all drank the Kool-Aid and that's too bad


The CDC has finally admitted their lies but the last two years about how many people have died because of covid seems like only 25% who died from covid the other 75% are three or four comorbidities any doctor that goes along with this charade now is anti-American

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