Dear Editor:

We are residents living on Crow Bench Road and I was horrified by the events that happened here in our neighborhood on Nov. 12, to our neighbors. We have known them for 15 years, and have had many wonderful times with their family.

That morning -- we were driving up Crow Bench Road and what we saw shocked us. There were law enforcement agents all around us. As we drove past Neff Road - we saw five police cars, end-to-end, blocking the road, with two more police cars behind them on the road. As we slowed to ask what was happening - I glanced to my right and there was a sniper standing up on the hill, with his gun drawn. Then I saw another one crouched down a little higher on the hill. Lights were flashing all around.

I have read stories of communist governments and how they operate with intimidation tactics, show of force and lots of guns everywhere. 

Is this what our America has come to?

Is this my quiet and peaceful rural neighborhood?

My neighbors have been in a civil battle with the banks and mortgage companies over their property. They actually have the case in an appeal right now. It has not been finished yet.

There have been reports on social media about this case. How can we believe what one person says who has only looked at a few documents for two days? The family has answers to all of the objections that have been shared on these social media posts and videos. They will be posting them soon on their website.

We must be careful not to make judgments based solely on public opinion. That is what the German people did in Hitler’s Nazi regime.

Are we turning into a police state - where force is used before the reasonable judging of civil disagreements is finished?

What if there WAS something done by the banks and/or the courts that was wrong?

What if the first judge made a summary judgment before they could subpoena all the witnesses and evidence?

What if all the later court hearings just went back to the first one and affirmed that?

What if the raid was based on a faulty judgment?

Could it be true that the banks have committed fraudulent activities?

Just Google “banks fined for fraud” and see what is happening in our country, and how much the banks are being fined for some of their fraudulent practices, billions of dollars, friends. It will boggle your mind!

Wouldn’t it be better to let it go to a jury trial?

Since none of us have all the evidence, we would prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt.

For the record, a previous letter to the editor about this episode was not a fair representation of all the residents on Crow Bench and Neff Roads.

Lorene and Byron Wright


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