To Weippe Cemetery Patrons:

My name is Gene Applington. While not a politician, I have served as chairman of the Weippe Cemetery Board since 2010. Nov. 2, I will be on the election ballot in Weippe. I would appreciate your vote. The Board consists of three voting members and a non-voting secretary/treasurer. We are a working board accountable for the maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery. With one paid position dedicated to mowing and weeding, our volunteer board is responsible for fertilizing, over-seeding grass, weed spraying, repairs to the headstones, fences and other projects that arise.

In recent years we sat a flagpole, poured a concrete pad and placed two metal benches near the memory board. We are responsible for finding plots to purchase and locating them for burials. The board digs/backfills the holes for urns at no cost to family members and coordinates the marking for headstone placement. During winter months, the board plows and shovels areas around the plots in preparation for burial.

Our low annual budget of less than $3,500 covers the wages of our handyman, equipment, fuel, and maintenance material and allows us to continue a low plot purchase price. We have been fortunate to use the services of the Pierce Youth Academy for larger projects and occasionally hold advertised workdays for members, spouses and other community participants that can come.

We are very proud of our cemetery having family members for several generations located there. I would greatly appreciate your vote on Nov. 2.

Gene Applington


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