Dear Editor:

Most county sheriffs are wimps. Not me saying that, but a Montana sheriff said that, referring to his more than 3000 brother sheriffs across the nation, in a private conversation with a sheriff, who in turn related that to me.

I believe it. Most all of them will swear they are constitutional sheriffs, but in reality they are not because when the chips are down they either fail to recognize a constitutional infringement, lack the guts to stand in defiance of such, or simply go along to get along, all at the expense of the God-given rights of county citizens, whenever government exceeds its power.

Most sheriffs won’t hesitate to shoot it out with your local criminal, but when it comes to standing tall against government and pushing back to protect the citizen, good luck! I want a sheriff who will draw a line in the sand and tell the government to go to hell if necessary, and in the worst case be willing to do as Idaho Statutes direct, “Command the aid of as many of the inhabitants of the county as he may think necessary in the execution of [his] duties.” That is to say, call out the “power of the county” to aid him—an extraordinary power the sheriff, and only the sheriff, has in defending the rights of the people of the county. No wonder he is the top law enforcement officer in the county and so critically important especially in times like these.

Not all are cut out to be sheriffs, and certainly not all who win the office of sheriff by-election will be even close to the kind of sheriff needed when it truly counts.

Had Idaho sheriffs fought back as a whole when environmentalism took its toll on once vibrant logging communities, or when wolves were unleashed on Idaho destroying the peoples’ elk and moose and the guiding industry and its tourism here, those communities likely would not have suffered as they have, had sheriffs been true heroes and not “wimped out” as they did.

This sheriff’s election is not about electing a nice guy, a likable person, or giving someone new a chance. This is life and death stuff when it comes right down to it. We don’t need just another sheriff. I will stick with Sheriff Giddings in Idaho County because he has the guts to stand up to the government when he has to, and has done it! Lots of cheap talk, campaign signs up and down the roads and full-page ads, does not a sheriff make.

David Johnson


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