Dear Editor:

I carry and spend US currency. The various denominations have images of famous Americans and symbols reminding us of where we live. Credit cards have the names of banks and loan institutions that should remind of the chains of debt and a form of slavery.

As we are buying things with a credit card, we are doing so with the Permission of someone we don’t know. Most people can’t understand why, but that really bothers me, especially when making small purchases.

When we spend cash, it is a private transaction between us and the person at the register. Using cash requires no signature, no identification, or phone number. Also no list of what you bought, how many, or how often and where you bought them.

Of course many people like me, can’t afford to pay cash for large purchases, in which case you need to use the card. I don’t advise people to carry large amounts of cash. That’s not smart. There are ATM machines most everywhere, use them.

We really don’t have any sinister motive you understand, just a form of privacy and another freedom that our government may someday take away from us like they have in the past. With your help we can prevent that from happening. It’s a fact that whenever a freedom is taken away by force it can be regained by force, but whenever a freedom is given up voluntarily it is never regained. SO! Be a freedom fighter, be a freethinker. Even if it’s only once in a while, join me and spend cash.

Bill Smith


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