Dear Editor:

We have been bombarded lately with all sorts of news about our Public Education system in America; and almost all of it is bad. Starting with our recent school board elections, to the COVID-induced decline in learning, through the continued influence of powerful national teachers’ unions, to the mass shootings by deranged students, we are daily exposed to the downside of our very expensive education bureaucracy.

Recognizing that when we mix education and politics, we get politics, I say it’s time to separate School and State and get the government out of education. I support a policy advanced in the early ‘80’s by Dr. Frank Fortkamp called Free Enterprise Education (FEE) where we take politics and government away from learning and return authority and responsibility to parents, teachers and communities. 

The primary driver of every detrimental program and policy foisted on our public-school student is the Federal government (followed closely by State minions) who suck precious funds away from actual learning in order to meet some unproven social theory or mandate.  We have known for decades how the Marxists use public education to brainwash and “dumb-down” our citizens. 

As Dr. Fortkamp pointed out in 1979, “one of the reasons we encourage superior education in a free, democratic society is our belief that the endurance of that society depends not only upon an educated electorate but also upon a reserve of gifted, talented people who will be the leaders of the future. Especially today, when we need to raise up citizens who will lead us through the complex mazes of technocracy, we must be concerned with superior education for those with superior talents.”

An honest look at the present system tells us that government-financed-and-regulated Public Education has flunked out. 

All government schools should be phased out of existence over a five- to ten-year period and their facilities sold to business or parent groups.  Then competition in the open and free enterprise system will produce higher quality education, greater flexibility to fit individual needs, with better opportunities for minorities and the poor – at lower costs to everyone.      

Dennis Fuller


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