Dear Editor:

During the largest experiment on humans in the history of the world it is difficult for me to find good news, but at least we’ve temporarily stopped the (so-called) Build Back Better boondoggle with its 300 Billion dollars earmarked for a massive expansion of “pre-K education” - so the Feds can start indoctrinating and propagandizing our children at an even earlier age.  Just think of the self-loathing and socialist claptrap they’ll be able to instill when starting at 3 years old.  I think we’re stupid to continue feeding money to the federal education bureaucracy. I think we’re insane to continue feeding them our children.

The bungling of our public education system had been happening for decades when Jimmy Carter paid off the teacher’s unions by instituting the Department of Education, even though there is no authority in our US Constitution for government to have anything to do with educating the citizens. But that’s when the tax dollars began to flow and the excesses really started.

And I’m not pointing the finger at any of our fine teachers or staff who perform an often-thankless job, under bureaucratic conditions that make it difficult to operate “outside the box”. I have been a teacher in both private and public-school settings and know how “strings” from above can harm students and learning.  It’s time to return responsibility for education back to teachers, parents and our communities by getting government out entirely.  Separate School and State just as we separate Church and State.

Those of us who are concerned with wasted taxpayer funds, and who are justifiably alarmed by government’s interference in too many areas of our private lives, feel that many “services” given us by the State and Feds need to be completely turned over to the private sector where waste is easily detected and eliminated. The first and most obviously inefficient, misdirected and expensive place to start is to eliminate our government-run public schools.

For the sanity and literacy of our citizens we must turn to Free Enterprise Education.    

Dennis Fuller


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