Dear Editor:

I would like to take this time to briefly talk about one of the gentlemen running for the seat of District 2 Clearwater County Commissioner. That gentleman goes by the name of Vincent Frazier. I have nothing but good to say about Mr. Frazier! You see, Mr. Frazier is and has been connected to this community for quite some time. He has several years of law enforcement experience and currently he has been with the Orofino Police Dept. for nine years, eight of those being Sergeant. He has also been the Clearwater County Coroner. You can see that he has worked with the citizens of Clearwater County for quite some time now and has a profound dedication to this community.

You can witness his dedication in everything he does, both in his professional life and in his home life. Mr. Frazier is very family oriented and has raised three children to have his same values and beliefs. He is a lifetime Idaho resident, living in smaller communities all of his life, which also makes him the right fit. Mr. Frazier is compassionate, empathetic, honest, sincere, hardworking, and just an upstanding guy altogether! He always takes the common sense approach to things, which in this day and age can be very rare.

I personally know Vinnie as well as professionally, through being a Councilman for the City of Orofino. Mr. Frazier’s platform is “Reinforce, Restrain, and Repair”. This is an outstanding platform that he whole heartedly believes in and speaks to and I agree 100%! With his immense leadership skills and his dedication to Clearwater County, Vincent Frazier is the perfect fit to be a part of the Clearwater County Commissioner team. For more information on Mr. Frazier and his platform, please visit his website at:

Sean Simmons


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