Dear Editor:

We are entering a trying time that requires patience and prayer.  There are some people who contend that we should accept the proclamations of the media and big tech who have anointed Joe Biden as the winner over President Trump, even though there is ample evidence of shenanigans in several key states.  These folks seek unity and civility which is commendable.  But not when it short-circuits our Constitutional rights.  The erosion of any one of our rights gives way to usurpation of all God-given freedoms.

It is painfully obvious to me, and many others, that outright fraud is being perpetrated and insiders of the Deep State are complicit in the deceit.   There is much fatigue with the whole election, and voters are looking for an outlet to vent their frustration. 

Please join with other Patriots for a “flag-wave for freedom” this Saturday, Nov. 14 at 12 noon at the Heritage and Cannon parks at the entrance to town.

This is not about Trump or Biden – it’s about the integrity and transparency of our entire democratic election process enshrined in our Bill of Rights.  Count every Legal vote.  

Dennis Fuller


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