Dear Editor:

We need to thank our State legislative representatives for the fine job they have been doing for Clearwater County. I asked why they didn’t use the “excess” tax money to help deal with the schools financial bind which requires the four day school weeks.  The reply I received didn’t answer the question but instead told me how much money we will see when those excess tax dollars given to multi-billionaires are invested in new industries.  I’ve been hearing that now for 40 years.

Looking around at Clearwater County the last 40 years all I see is the flight of industrial money.  The tax cut money seems to arrive in Asia instead of Idaho.

One of the key slogans for the past few years is “Make America Great Again.”  One of the key features that helped us win WWII was our educated populace. I’ve yet to meet anyone who thinks our kids are getting a better education with the four-day week compared to the five-day week. Clearwater County schools have been in the four-day week now for 20 years. 

Just when will this new tax money arrive? Meanwhile, how many kids have we shortchanged?  Isn’t the job of our legislators to solve problems? For more than twenty years the problem has been identified and the legislature has given the same answer? One definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Maybe it’s time to kick out the whole bunch.

Charles H. (Chuck) Raddon


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